Hi, I’m Candida
Welcome to my world. Healthy eating is not always easy with the stress of everyday life.  Nutrition can get confusing. Sometimes the confusion can make you feel like it just is not worth the hassle, but let me say this loud and clear -- you are worth it. 
I am here to make eating healthy easy and simple.
What if you stopped counting calories, threw out the scale, and loved what you looked like in the mirror? 
What if planning your next meal was as simple as a few ingredients thrown in a pan? Yes, it’s possible when you have support and a clear plan of action.
When we work together, I am not going to tell you to eat this or eat that, we are going to create a master blueprint for life. I will help you discover what foods give you endless energy plus what workouts help you have that amazing body.
As your Health Coach and Fitness Professional, I will help you to make positive fitness, food and lifestyle changes that are attainable and last a lifetime.
I work with women just like myself that are sick and tired of feeling exhausted. We do not want to live by a diet. We are ready to prevent the sickness that we see in our community and do not want to be a statistic.
 Let me show you how life can be like when you feel happy, inspired and you are not banging your head against the wall because the latest diet did not work.    
Yes, this is what life can be like when you are not counting calories because you have support.
I work with women who want to
•    Feel good 
•    Lose the weight
•    Have more energy
•    Get their sexy back
•    Prepare easy meals
•    Enjoy fitness
I am a fitness professional, health coach, and mom. I know what is like to juggle it all and I am here to help you make it happen.
 My programs work for you because they are fun and interactive. No, gimmicks. I teach you how to live life in the real world. We go back to the basics.  I teach you and train you in my home or yours.  
So whether it’s love or stress that got you here, no worries, it is time to get your mojo back.  You are worth it!